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last updated 18.04.2012

Consultant in projects around Child and Women Abuse
Women and child abuse within families is a world-wide issue.
It is important to understand it’s underlying causes in order to address it and combat it efficiently. My work experience has given me the desire to continue working in that field to
make families a better place for children and women to thrive in. I am convinced that with the right approach real changes can occur.

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Pregnancy and Birth Preparation
Respectful loving touch in prenatal massage and birth preparation is essential to make pregnancy and birth a unique nurturing experience in full consciousness.

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I have known and worked with Sylvie Bianchi for more than 10 years. She is a gifted clinician and a very good team player, with a good sense of humour and focus. Her human qualities makes working with her fun. I have learnt much from Sylvie and I look forward to many years of collaborative work"  

Prof. Dr. Eia Asen
Psychiatrist and Systemic Therapist, Clinical Director, Marlborough Family Service, London
Visiting Professor, University College London